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Please vote for 3 sets and 5 icons
Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
Vote fairly and without bias, you're voting for the quality of the icon
Voting closes on November 24th

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So much drama! Community Update

Ugh, well it seems like this comm wasn't able to go forever without some sort of drama that livejournal can occasionally create :/ In case you hadn't noticed, whatever_m (who was the only current mod) abruptly deleted her journal after she was caught stealing someone else's icons. *roll eyes* Thereby, effectively abandoning the comm D: So I contacted the original owner and she kind enough to temporarily make me a mod so this place wouldn't go up in smoke. So I'm going to try and keep this going, but I'll be honest - I really have no idea what I'm doing O.O

I also need your help - can anyone see the sign-ups for this round? Whenever I try to go back, it seems like stuff has been deleted. Another 'gift' from whatever_m maybe? D: I can't remember if everyone who signed up for this round has entered or not. I'd like to put up the voting ASAP, so we can start over :/