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So much drama! Community Update

Ugh, well it seems like this comm wasn't able to go forever without some sort of drama that livejournal can occasionally create :/ In case you hadn't noticed, whatever_m (who was the only current mod) abruptly deleted her journal after she was caught stealing someone else's icons. *roll eyes* Thereby, effectively abandoning the comm D: So I contacted the original owner and she kind enough to temporarily make me a mod so this place wouldn't go up in smoke. So I'm going to try and keep this going, but I'll be honest - I really have no idea what I'm doing O.O

I also need your help - can anyone see the sign-ups for this round? Whenever I try to go back, it seems like stuff has been deleted. Another 'gift' from whatever_m maybe? D: I can't remember if everyone who signed up for this round has entered or not. I'd like to put up the voting ASAP, so we can start over :/
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It looks like she checked the option to delete all her entries and comments when she deleted her journal.
*facepalm* Sometimes I really hate people :/ okay, so i guess i'm on my own - thanks for letting me know! i'm going to borrow a friends voting codes and just go ahead and put the voting up ASAP, so we can start over.
Yes, sadly, she deleted everything with her account. Maybe you could continue with voting? Or you could begin a completely new round?
hey you! *waves*

god, sometimes i really hate people O.O and I *really* hate mods who just abandon the comms without setting it up for someone else.

i'm going to go ahead and put up the voting for the entries we've received so far, just so we can then start over fresh <3 but bare with me, because I have no clue what I'm doing ;)
Omghai! *waves frantically* :D

I guess she didn't like the attention she was receiving. :p

That is fine! Take your time, hon, and do your best! I am always here to help. <3 :-)
Omg, I'm so thrilled you took over! This is one of my favorites 20in20 contests!
I didn't that's what happened to her! That's so weird, because I got this message from her asking me to take over as a mod, and that she's leaving, maybe some others did as well... Anyway - freaky! And so wrong! PEOPLE, DON'T STEAL OTHERS' ART! THAT'S SO CRUEL!

Anyway, I'll gladly help anything you need, I really look forward for you as a mod here! :)))
i can start trying to do banners to help out too. ugh, that whole situation with her was really, really shitty as a whole but yeah, i can at least help with banners. finally got enough confidence to offer that. <333
Want to help me? I offered to put up voting for bb but now I am realizing I am not too experienced on putting up voting. Lmao. :-) It is giving me a headache so if you are interested, could you perhaps put up the voting? I am terrible and bb doesn't understand the codes.
Just to be clear...I'm gonna put up the voting.

It's for round 26 entries right???

With the deleted posts, it's kind of a mess LOL